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    On awkwardness: Ballet fails and learning to sing

    For those of us who were kids in the early 90s in Metro Manila, one of the few things you could do during the summer was either 1. take ballet lessons at SM for girls, or 2. take taekwondo lessons at SM for boys. I was a hyperactive child, and my mother really wanted to burn that energy out in the summer, so she enrolled me in the ballet lessons girls were supposed to take at the time. It was a mistake. She recalls that every time she picked me up, she would see the whole class all lined up in the front of the class while I was in…

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    I still haven’t found my metabolism

    I am twenty frigging eight years old, and about 4 years ago, I lost my mutant metabolism. The one that allowed me to eat like a construction worker after 8 hours of backbreaking work in the summer without gaining a pound, I just, lost it. Now I am saddled with extra poundage, because I didn’t, and still haven’t adjusted my appetite to the slowing pace of my body, telling me to cool it if I still want to be able to fit into all the dresses my mom made me in the past 7 years. I love food. It makes my day. When I’m stressed, it’s what I turn to…

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    And now, a moment with your 6th grade self

    Do you remember growing up, and having your first crush? I do. It was awkward, and strange, and ultimately, when you see them as adults, you go “What the heck was I thinking?” But in the days, weeks, months, that you were 12, walking around school, you sneak glances at him, hoping that he noticed that you were wearing a new bracelet, or actually brushed your hair today. Now remember who you are today. When was the last time you felt butterflies when you saw someone, or at all? When did the littlest things like a sudden glance, or a nod, make your day? I think the photo above is…