The human heart was—and remains—a mystery to me. But I’m learning. I have to. —Anthony Bourdain


  • Since March of 2020, I’ve repeated the same phrase over and over, usually when I’m trying to justify a choice that’s not smart, practical, or necessarily good. LIFE IS SHORT. PEOPLE DIE ALL THE TIME. It’s becoming more and more accurate the more time passes. We keep losing people right and left. There’s wars, genocides,… Read more

  • Status report: Hives and insomnia have been kicking my ass. Breathing deep, calming down are important especially since I don’t want to wreck my liver with all the meds. Also saw my ortho because my knee has been making me wince with every bend. It’s a process. 1. Being part of a Say Yes to… Read more

  • Status report: After being given a glowing once over on my 3 month checkup, a couple things have come up. One, that I had terrible acidity this week, extra keep me up at night episodes, and the other, I fear my knee has ripped fully. Tbd, but need to get answers because I can’t bend… Read more

  • Status report: Sugar is all out of whack, and is affecting so many different things. Losing sleep, breaking out in hives. It’s going to get better it’s just me. My bright spots from the last week: 1. Acceptance. Late last week, I let go of clothes I had been holding on to for decades. I… Read more

  • Status report: Only one hive breakout! But the whole week my brain wouldnt let me sleep. So much to think about, and I need to give myself some space and boundaries. Work in progress. I had some bright spots. It was a rollercoaster of a week and there were a lot of things on my… Read more

  • Status update: Insomnia and stress migraines are on the uptick and I haven’t been eating right. It’s a process. I did have some good moments though: 1. Sharing some good cake with people 11000 miles away. My manager’s birthday needed cake. And because she was in office before the actual day, and it was the… Read more

  • Status report: Increasingly frequent hives situationhas me reaching for the antihistamine more often than i’d like to admit. Thankfully a few natural remedies shared by a friend are working. Insomnia is also being inconvenient, but hey maybe it’s more excitement to wake up than anything? Happy bits of the week: 1. Surprises. I an a… Read more

  • Status report: BP so high I was a stroke risk, daily hives, migraine immediately at hour 13 of no caffeine. However! Gave up coca cola and baked desserts for Lent. Wish me luck. Because of the ~fragility~ of life and me feeling every single one of my 36 years on earth lately, I will be… Read more

  • Life is short, week 46 of 52

    One year ago today, we lost a light in the world. The whole point of my Life is short year was inspired by him. I only knew him for several months, only hung out with him a few times, but it was more than enough to be thankful for. Today I’m having sushi for Josh… Read more