Too soon, Munchkin.

Sasha Munchkin  Sasha Munchkin. We loved her the moment we saw her.      A name that took us a day to decide on. We got her January   31, 2015, picked up from an online seller. She was so tiny,    she came in a Zesto box, even if she was three months old.

She was a sweet bunny. Shy at first, but calm. After an hour with her, she got comfortable enough to explore the house, and the first thing she checked was us, nudging her nose on our feet, our knees. This became a habit, after she got out of wherever she was, she would nudge us first then continue her exploring elsewhere.

Even Chester Buko, our first rabbit, loved her on sight. We separated their living areas as we were waiting for him to get spayed, and of course she was very little and could not go too much playing with him, while he could be very excitable about things.

She was a sweet little lady, and liked bananas. Smart, she found a way out of whatever she was being kept, and found herself inside the hay box to eat, a lot (although, as in the photo, it was hard for her to get out).


Our baby left us too soon on February 14, 2015. We heard her cry and she left us 15 minutes later. She was buried under a tree, so she could enjoy the sun and the smell of grass.

I am sure she is playing with Eho, our other bunny now, nudging her nose to him. We miss you Munchkin. We’re sorry we couldn’t have you for longer.

A realistic optimist just trying to find her way.

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