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Change yourself, change your world

I read somewhere that Steve Jobs said, “Things don’t have to change the world to be important.” I truly understand wanting to change the world, and weirdly, the person who said this has changed how the world sees a phone, but I can truly relate to what he said.

I want to say, change yourself and change your world. It can be as small as changing how you eat breakfast, therefore making you cheerier for work in the mornings, creating more opportunities for friendships to form. The butterfly effect, where the smallest change can change the biggest things.

Your tiny decision of sleeping in five minutes can change the world. Don’t forget that.

But I digress, I was saying about changing your world. Your decisions matter because they’re yours. They change your path, your role in your circle, how things around you work.

When I decided to leave my job of four and a half years, I surprised even myself. It was not a decision I made lightly, and was made over a matter of months through a back and forth deliberation. It was a place I was happier than I had ever been, with people I know it would be the hardest to leave. But I knew in my gut it was the right decision, the voice in my head, the pesky one saying “It’s time to go.” didn’t let up, and when I told the people I reported to, it felt right. Even if it felt devastating. This was where I found family, I found love, I realized here, the idea of job satisfaction and going above and beyond because you cared about the outcome not just for you, but for the company as a whole. It was an amazing company to be with, and I will never let go of the people I’ve come to love from there.

Change, though, beckoned. I needed to breathe. Realize what I wanted long term. What will make me inspired more than the short term, and what I wanted for myself now.

I feel like February ran away from me and now, it being March, life and reality are knocking at my door. It’s time to tick off things I wrote down and make sure I get things in my life squared away. There are so many things on my list that my head feels dizzy on what to start first.

I do know that I want to get my room repaired and repainted by my birthday, as a gift to myself. Does anyone have a carpenter and painter they can recommend? I feel like the change in my “environment” will finally let it sink in that I’m not a Christmas elf anymore. And while that idea is a lot scary, it’s real. (Also my room is falling apart LOL)

So here we go. One step at a time. Change might not always be pleasant, but it works.

What did you change about your world recently?

A realistic optimist just trying to find her way.

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