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Things that made me happy, April 11, 2023

Status report: Hives still keep happening, and my lower back hurts even with regular massages for Tita’s Hedonist Day Out. I need to figure this out.

What made me happy last week:

1. Family time. I don’t see my extended family a lot, especially since the move. This holy week holiday is one of those times we can see each other, be less worried about our day to day. I love sitting with my cousins, uncles and aunts, simply being around them. I don’t contribute a lot, and it seems like sometimes I’m closed off, but it’s just me being overstimulated sometimes. I wish I could be more present or more conversational, but I’m limited. Even more now that I’m used to being in my own space. One thing i know for sure, their presence makes me feel content, happy. The other things, I will work on so they enjoy my presence as much as I do theirs.

2. Puppy time. There are two litters of puppies we got to hang out with this weekend. Six shih tzus, and two belgian malinois ones. I missed puppies since we haven’t had puppies in years, and these ones are pretty dang cute. They’re all spoken for, and are going to good, caring homes. I’m glad I got to meet them and got some puppy kisses.

3. A friend going through the same journey. My health issues as of the late aren’t a secret. High blood pressure on top of my previously identified issues is the cherry on top of an already difficult health status is a hell of a thing to go through. I’ve been quite lucky to have family that’s extra supportive. Driving me to appointments, checking in. I can’t ask for anything more really. However I do have a friend that has been incredibly supportive, and is going through it as well. It has made all the work I have to do much less burdensome.

Songs of the week:

Tokyo Drift by the Teriyaki Boyz

Talking to Myself by Lauv

Work Song by Hozier


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