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Things that made me happy, April 3, 2023

Status report: I seem to have managed blood pressure through medication, a better sleep schedule, and forcing myself to eat better. Allergies are still bad, and I have had more than normal evenings with insomnia. It’s like my body is gearing up for bad news. Let’s hope it’s wrong.

There are a few happy things I am deeply grateful for though this past week

1. Simple afternoon snackies. With my schedule being a lot more manageable, I am able to actually have some normalcy with the rest of my people and enjoy late afternoon snackies. Sure there are a lot more options fot temptation, but it’s also much more cost effective and homemade, versus fastfood takeout.

2. Calm down phone calls. Working from home can be a stressful vacuum. There needs to be a concerted effort to really take what people are going through seriously, but also not let it completely bog you down. Check on your friends, and also be there for each other. We’re all going through something. I have been on calls this past week that have been comforting on both ends, and I am grateful to have friends that take the time to do so.

3. Tita’s hedonist days out. Good food, some type of shopping, and massages are what my sister, and my friend Anne do as hedonists. Yes we’re exciting as hell. Yes we move slowly like molasses. Yes we usually end up covered in massage oil and eating copious amounts of carbs and fat. This is our reward for the daily grind. And I’m glad to have established this tradition.

4. Consistency. I think the most difficult thing in life is consistency. Anyone can do bursts of effort. Anything new and exciting is easy to show up for. In a different vein, when things are bad, you do the work because you’re in dire straits. Consistency is hard as hell. Showing up for yourself regularly takes discipline. Showing up for others, takes a whole lot of heart. I appreciate my loved ones who are consistent, because I know how fucking hard it is to even get up in the morning sometimes. To cheer someone else on takes strength. I guess what I’m trying to say is thank you to the people that do for me.

Songs of the week:

One Day I’ll Fly Away by Randy Crawford

Lonely by Imagine Dragons

Dirty Little Secret By All American Rejects

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