The human heart was—and remains—a mystery to me. But I’m learning. I have to. —Anthony Bourdain

The fuzzy feeling weekend that was.

It takes the littlest things to make me smile, and this weekend was full of large grins. Simply said, even if I did clean out my salary in a weekend, it was well worth it. Random, simple things that well, make all the bullcrap I go through at random times in my life all go away.

For one, I saw my friends for a couple hours last Saturday. Abby, Vinnny, Pao and Kiko, it has been too long, and that lunch was too short. Sausages both consumed and inferred, made me a happy bunny for Saturday lunch. I can’t wait for the decimation of Poco Deli’s supply when we do conquer it.

HMR and its random fun items made me want to buy a stuffed bear bigger than me, it’s a good thing I was setting aside cash for other activities, that would not have fit in our car. Still want one though. Maybe if extra spending money comes along, or an enormously bad day has me running to that American surplus store for fluffy companionship.

Bowling with the fam (and the boyf) and getting high scores with my “bounce” roll. Here’s to winging it and winning it. My bowling arm had me moving to a 10lb. ball, and getting a strike for the first time since I can remember. It also had me with a swollen ring finger for the last few frames, as it got squished between 2 10lb bowling balls in excitement to “dribble”.

Seeing people play badminton got me frustrated I couldn’t play and excited to try it for the first time since high school. I was pretty competitive then, but well, I knew no rules and was only killing shuttlecocks across our school’s basketball court. Must play soon and see if I can still hit those things.

Free ice cream (see previous post)

A golden retriever pup that keeps dribbling dog spit on my pants but looks quite adorable doing so. He’s getting big, and has his moments of “NOOOO” but most of the time just hangs out watching tv being cute. I <3 Ferb!

So here’s hoping the coming weekends will be as good as this one. Hello Universe!

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