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Random facts about my childhood, the Disney edition

Hello six readers! I saw this a couple of days ago, it’s about a design student reworking Disney Princesses to look more “real” and it got me thinking about my Disney childhood. It really was a great experience growing up with Disney characters, feeling their pain, seeing their triumphs, and wishing for their hair.

So here are a few random facts about my childhood with Disney:

  • Growing up, I was told I looked like Jasmine from Aladdin and Pocahontas from the movie of the same title. No, it was not lost on me that these were the princesses that were colored. I was darker, umkay?
  • I memorized the whole Pocahontas soundtrack when it came out, our mom bought us tapes and the sing along lyrics to the whole thing. To this day I still remember snippets of random songs.
  • I really loved Ariel’s red hair from the Little Mermaid, and have a soft spot for redheads up to the present coz of it.
  • I dressed up in a genie like costume (that I picked up from Supersale Club with my own money) for my seventh birthday. I liked the blues, greens and purples of the thing.
  • I remember one friend for his Lion King lunchbox. I wanted it so much coz it changed colors in the heat.
  • I went to the preschool section of our elementary school library to read Minnie Mouse’s adventures.
  • My favorite character to color in coloring books is Minnie Mouse, her outfits were always color coordinated for me.
  • For so long I wanted a pet tiger like Princess Jasmine’s.
  • Snow White is my least favorite princess, her voice was too high, she was too sickly sweet for my taste.

When I do get my own kids in the future, they will find Disney a part of their childhood as I did mine, I hope they love it as much as I do.

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