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What a lucky 26 year old, this Jody

To have all these for not just a birthDAY but a birthweekend celebration. What started as a day I was dreading for 2 reasons:

1. I was moving into my LATE twenties.

2. It hit on a Friday, and let me tell you, the last two times my birthday hit a Friday, they sucked big time.

So I hoped for the best and expected the worst, not planning anything more than dinner with the family and a celebration with the boyf as well. Let me just say, all the things that I did not expect to fall into place did, by way of:

1. I was supposed to be off that day, but since my siblings’ schedules would not permit it, had my family birthday dinner moved to a belated lunch. So I told my supervisor I could work, and we met for a catch up meeting of sorts. This saved me from working the day after, and gave me a sort of 3 day weekend (since I finished my other tasks in advance.).

2. I would be able to see a few of my work friends, whom I always love seeing, and get me outta the house.

3. Since my sister wasn’t going to be around for dinner, she took me to breakfast instead, and took me to my work meeting in Makati (on a Friday what a godsend).

A few highlights of the weekend:

  • Starting the day with an epic breakfast at Stacy’s, this Sonja’s looking place in Capitol Hills with all day breakfast, and they gave me a free cupcake.
  • Getting the Bench coke shirts for presents (If you know me even a little, I have a Coke collection of sorts all from friends).
  • Getting to work early and seeing friends, with one offering to bake me chocomint cupcakes (which imma claim soon, they’re tooooo delish to pass up).
  • Eating at Som’s for lunch (I needed Thai food, okay).
  • Getting to our futsal game on time.
  • Having dinner at Bellini’s and getting my gnocchi and sweet wine fix at last.
  • Getting the lappy bag I was ogling at Crumpler for a present.
  • Finding this amazing chrysanthemum tea drink thing at the divisoria food court, and getting the squid thing for breakfast.
  • Going to Dong Bei for the best dumplings ever for lunch.
  • Getting two cakes, one from Estrel’s, the other from Xocolat from such epic people.
  • Going to Poco Deli for dinner and having a round of Hoegaarden.
  • Winning my first bet ever.
  • Getting such fun birthday greetings from the most unexpected people.

Tell you the truth, this was one of the best birthdays ever, and I didn’t need to throw a party to enjoy myself. It just reminded me how lucky I am to be where I am today, and be with the people I’m with to enjoy it.

So how was your Friday the 13th?

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