Of random moments

I don’t discuss him too often, just because this is one thing I want to keep private. Chances are, if you know both of us, you already know how we are, and if you don’t, well just know that I’m happy.

I think this photo pretty much defines how we are most days. Not really the most put together of people, wearing things that are the most practical (this day was a sweltering one and we were sweating buckets), but laughing our behinds off at random things.

I forgot who took the photo, only that this was a children’s party, which I really liked because all the details were personally attended to, and you could tell that the parents of the one year old we were celebrating really worked to make this day such a special one for their little one (also, they had a dessert buffet, score!).

So that’s it, no rhyme or reason really, but that I love this photo, and the person in it.

A realistic optimist just trying to find her way.

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