The human heart was—and remains—a mystery to me. But I’m learning. I have to. —Anthony Bourdain

Surprise, surprise

No matter how hard you plan, predict what’s going to happen by considering every possibility, there will always be something that goes awry in your life.

That’s how life is, we can never be fully in control of anything that goes on. We can roll with the punches as best we could, but sometimes there are game changers that will shake you to the core, and these are the times we have to sit, think, and decide what path we want to take from that moment on. Because there are some things that you can’t just let flow, you take one direction or the other, but you do have to decide which one you want to take.

Dreams get crushed, paths swerve. Sometimes we wake up and realize that what we had fantasized about, or thought we would be, aren’t really what is for us. And when that time comes, it’s up to you to take back what control you can get and steer your life towards what you want.

That is to say, whether your life gets sideswiped by catastrophic, or wonderful circumstances, it’s still yours. Once you realize that, that you’re the one in charge, that’s when you can get out of the funk, or that cloud and move your life along.

Because we can’t just get stuck because we’ve been stupefied. Shake it off and move forward.

Life is wonderful. It’s tragic. It’s amazing. And it’s soul crushing.  What you decide to do with what it throws you, is entirely your call.


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  1. You’re amazing. The End.

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