The human heart was—and remains—a mystery to me. But I’m learning. I have to. —Anthony Bourdain

The “Date a Girl/Guy who (quantifier)” essays are getting old.


I liked the pun.
I like puns.

I liked the initial idea, of finding someone that travels, takes photographs, writes, reads. It really is a nice concept. To date a person who travels because they’ll bring into the relationship what they absorb from exploring other cultures, who writes because you’ll have awesome poetry inspired by you, all of that.

It’s a novel idea, using someone’s passion as a basis for seeing them, but using the same basis, we can quantify anything.

Date a guy who beats you, because it’ll make you stronger surviving it.

Date a girl who’ll spend your money, because you’ll learn to save.

Date a guy who doesn’t shower, so you can do that together.

Date a girl who takes selfies for hours so you’ll have time to play video games.

And so on, and so forth.

Why don’t we just date? Be happy with who we’re with, and if we’re not, know when to work on it, and when to move on.

Love doesn’t have quantifiers. We have types for sure, some people are attracted to musicians, some only want those who can provide, but to find one that fits your type doesn’t mean it’s true love, sometimes it’s great to find someone who’ll completely go against all you thought you wanted but is what you need.

These “Date a Guy/Girl who __________ articles for me, sometimes set an unrealistic expectation for people who go in and see the idealized person because they are (type in quantifier here)s. Let’s look at people for their full, entire personalities and go from there.

Break the norm. Just Date a Guy or a Girl. Without quantifiers. You never know what might happen.


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