The human heart was—and remains—a mystery to me. But I’m learning. I have to. —Anthony Bourdain


Today, on a work day Friday, I encountered a bunch of things at work that have, as they have been doing so all week, made my head spin.

I had to stand up, get a drink of water, refreshed my face with a splash from the faucet to reboot my perspective as I was getting overwhelmed with all the bad things pouring in, and issues I could not seem to keep from happening that I thought I already had a handle on.

But I had to stop.

Talk about your joys.
Talk about your joys.

I think, for us, dwelling too much on a problem, or discussing it in detail, can be as toxic as the problem itself. You see the bad stuff, you focus on it, you bemoan the cards life dealt you that day, that week, that month.

You go over it and over it for what?

Sure, venting and ranting can help ease the pain, but it can twist it in further too.

Not looking for a solution, finding the good in the situation, is just going to plunge you into the hole you dug yourself.

Talk about the joys you’ve had today, this week, this month or this year. Small or big.

Maybe that will lift your spirits. In the wake of bad things, find the good.

For me today, I have a few simple things:

1. A bunny licked my hand today. This, according to all the literature I read, means they trust me, love me and are trying to groom me. I had not taken a shower yet, so bunny, I get your point and I love you too.

2. I was able to mix spaghetti and chili leftovers into edible pasta. I had my doubts, but I have not had to run to the bathroom or go to the emergency room so I’m good.

3. I was able to fix a few things that were making things difficult, and found more data on things that were a little questionable the past week. Information is power and I’m liking that I’m finding things out.

4. I have been having two San Miguel Apple beers every day for the past week. Hello happy dinners, but also hello beer belly. Oh yeah. 🙂


What are your joys today?

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