Jodythinks quick thoughts: Fog City Creamery’s Cookie Dough Vanilla

I am calling them quick thoughts because I do not think I’ve sampled enough of the brand/restaurant to provide a rounded idea, but rather one thing out of the myriad of choices they offer.

Last Sunday in a trip to Echo Store in Eton Centris, I was happy to see that they now had the Fog City Creamery pints (and mini pints) in their freezer. After I read about the brand on, I have always been curious about them but as they operate in the South, opportunities were far and few between to sample them. So I had to pick up a mini pint. There were only a few choices, Benguet Coffee, Ensaymada, Cookie Dough Chocolate, and Cookie Dough Vanilla. Let me give you a disclaimer. I am not much of a coffee person, I am not particularly excited by ensaymada except for Hizon’s ensaymada, and I don’t really eat chocolate ice cream. So Cookie Dough Vanilla it was. The mini pint cost P110 for a single serving. A little steep if you’re used to buying ice cream from the grocery, but what I’ve come to expect from artisan ice cream pricing.

This is what it looked like:


Verdict: Delicious. It’s chock full of cookie dough that has enough bite to not just melt into the ice cream and adds the needed texture for it to be interesting. Chocolate chips hold up to the ice cream, and the base is sweet enough. If you’re an ice cream hound like me, the mini pint won’t be enough. Buy the whole pint.

I can’t wait to try their other flavors. Their website boasts of a lot of interesting flavors that weren’t in the Echo Store freezer at the time but hope to get there another time. Particularly Ferrero Rocher with Nutella Swirl, Vanilla Malt with Maltesers, Organic Tahitian Vanilla Bean and Blue Cheese and Honey Walnut Praline sound amazing to my ears.

How do you find Fog City Creamery? Details below:


Phone number: 0917 883 3344

Facebook Page:

Email address: /

What ice cream is exciting you this week?

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