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A Doc Ferdz Recio appreciation post

One thing about having bunnies, it’s really hard to find vets that actually treat them. 99.9% of vets in the Philippines deal with only dogs and cats. I’ve been fortunate to have found the .1% that are rabbit savvy, and Doc Ferdz is my favorite. Ever since he opened his Animal Wellness Center in Panay Avenue (Now they have a branch at UP Town Center too!) we’ve been going to him for checkups and other concerns for Chibi and Chester.

Doc Ferdz with Chester (he says he’s one of his favorites!)


It’s not just that he’s very nice to look at (let’s be honest here), it’s the effort and personal care he provides. He responds via text for availability. He actually checks in himself via text how the buns are doing. He arrives on time (sometimes even earlier than he promised), and if circumstances (aka traffic) change, he apologizes profusely for being late. He gets to know the patients, and he makes sure all the assistants handle the buns carefully and in the manner they need to be.

Yesterday, we had to bring in the buns for a checkup and I was really nervous about it. I was shaking, honestly. He immediately made sure we were put at ease, and while the most recommended treatment wasn’t readily available (as the circumstances with bunnies are), he told his staff to order the needed medication while we were there. In the meantime he had a ready, (albeit slower) alternative. He even gave them a thorough look over to make sure everything was all right and noticed something I had missed, and pointed out that because Chibi was a lot more jumpy, he would need to put her under sedation to address it. Since he had scheduled surgeries for the day, we scheduled it for next week. I wonder if I can be put under sedation until then as well as anything about my rabbits, I am more scared for than my own health. Our last rabbit that had an issue, we brought in too late and she died in my arms. I hope to never have to go through that again and that’s why I take every precaution and spend more for my buns than myself, giving them better care as they are less sturdy than I am.

I’m sure I will be shaking until the procedure is over but I know my rabbits are in good hands with Doc Ferdz. If you have any pets and want personal, amazing care, Doc Ferdz is your guy. The clinic is also really well kept, and rooms are always very thoroughly sanitized between patients. I know that Chester, who hates being out of his routine, relaxes much faster when visiting him than any other doctor we’ve gone to, and can actually eat in the clinic itself (unheard of at other trips/clinics). We love Doc Ferdz and we think your beloved pets should feel his care too.

If you need to reach him:


Landline for the Panay clinic: 02-3763251

Address: 5 Landsdale Arcade, Timog Ave., Quezon City, Philippines

Hours: Sunday: 9am to 4 pm

Monday to Saturday: 9 am to 10 pm

IG: (Chester is on there a few times too!)



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