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Book Thoughts: The Upside of Unrequited

 For anyone who ever felt awkward and invisible among friends that are gorgeous, smart or otherwise amazing, The Upside of Unrequited is such a homecoming. I quickly went back to the days in grade school and high school when the feeling of “Will my crush ever notice me as a girl to be crushworthy?”, or “Will I ever grow out of this awkward phase and be confident about myself?” (Answer: Still waiting)

Molly feels so real and smart and feels so relatable that you want her to win as you read through it. Her voice in the book relates so much to adolescent me that I want to meet her and talk to her in person.

Without spoiling anything, if you’re going through or you’ve ever gone through being insecure, or unsure, or completely accepting that your being different isn’t as attractive as others are, read this book. Even as a 32 year old, I really enjoyed this technically Young Adult book.

But then again I really enjoy Young Adult books.

What book are you reading today?


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