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I think you should listen to Bastille’s and Marshmello’s Happier today

One of my biggest regrets in life was when I wiped my 7 year old ipod nano (which still works now) of the songs I curated since 2007. Until now I can’t find some of the songs I had on there that meant a lot. Reason being was that I wanted to start over and make new memories with new songs, turns out, I no longer have the time, patience or resources to curate something to that effect (around 639 songs at the time of wiping).

I like very old songs, and those who probably have people sick of them by now. My excuse is that I don’t really listen to the radio now, and depend on people’s recommendations of new songs. So I hardly have any new artists on my playlists. So I appreciate all recommendations of all genres.

Our friend Carla showed me the video to Happier, by Bastille and Marshmello, which is heartbreaking for anyone who’s ever owned a dog. Its lyrics are quite spot on too:

When the evening falls
And I’m left there with my thoughts
And the image of you being with someone else
Well, it’s eating me up inside
But we ran our course, we pretended we’re okay
Now if we jump together at least we can swim
Far away from the wreck we made

So before you swim away, listen to this song today. And try not to cry at the video.

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