To Life Lessons

I had a friend once that always said, “Either you win or you learn” and it always irked me because I thought it was such a naive way of looking at things. Some lessons I thought, hurt too much and dig too deep to recover from. There are some that change you for good, and maybe that’s the point. For good meaning for the better and not just for good meaning from there on out.

Sometimes we win. We’re lucky when it’s love (I always think in love, people get lucky, then they have to do the work to stay lucky), we work hard when it’s a job or business, or sometimes, we’re just on that path, and it’s really just fated to be yours.

When we lose, it’s difficult to appreciate it. It’s always in hindsight when we learn to appreciate the lessons we’ve been taught because of the loss. We learn to better be in the moment, or take the small victories on a day to day basis rather than aim for the moon, we take things step by step if the lesson is a big one. But we learn. It hurts. It sucks at the moment. It can feel like you can never get up from the fall, but eventually, you learn to live with the nonvictories. Find yourself on a new path to winning differently, and maybe one that’s actually better for you, big picture wise.

I guess this is my way of admitting that I was wrong, and that my once friend was right. We do get up. We do find ourselves changed, and learning from our losses. It’s not easy finding the good when you’re stuck in the pain and regret of loss, but we do find time and ways to move forward. We’re built for it, and if we’re not, hopefully, each of us has a support system that will get us through it. Whether it’s family, friends, or several rescue animals, we all need someone to lean on once in a while, before we can relearn to stand up on our own feet.

What lessons have you learned this year so far?

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Hello, summer

It’s been a rocky few days for Metro Manila. A water shortage has crippled thousands and has made the heat that has come in even more difficult. It’s hard to be thankful for beautiful things when you feel grimy and thirsty and don’t know when your next bath is.

So far my solutions are cold drinks and ice cream (still dreaming of the Cremia ice creams from Osaka) and water tumblers full of icy water.

We’ve put out all our water containers and now alarming amount of reusable bottles we didn’t know we had and filled them with water for drinking and the rest of our pails and drums with washing water.

We’ve been fortunate and the schedules have been accurate so we’ve been able to plan our day around when water will be available. I am hoping that all of this winds down soon though for everyone’s sake. Water is so essential to everything. It makes everyone uneasy for the most basic thing to be limited.

Are you affected by the shortage? How are you coping?


To a daily happy

Yesterday, I found a book by one of my favorite authors, Michael Pollan on 75% off.

It was originally priced at ₱875 but it was on the sale pile at National Bookstore and was priced at P218. I gladly handed over my P500 i was saving for other things for it.

It really made my day (before I had an even happier evening). As you face this Monday, I hope the weekend has fortified your happy meter and you face it well rested and with a happy heart.

You deserve it.

What made you happy this weekend?


To a daily happy

When we were in Osaka, I ate one of these most everyday because it was so creamy and not overly sweet. I was safely ensconced in my winter coat and could fully enjoy these without vibrating from the cold.

If I was to ask for stuff to import from Japan, I am hoping these cremia cones would be available everywhere here (but then there goes my waistline).

But it would still be my daily happy.