The human heart was—and remains—a mystery to me. But I’m learning. I have to. —Anthony Bourdain

I’m doing a thing.

Or at least I’m trying to.

As the beginning of this year is unusual for me with all these things happening at work and with friends, I decided to use a 2020 caption on photos that I post on social media

Yes I am that dorky and wait until you hear it the frigging thing.

525,600 minutes.

This not original concept is from the musical Rent, which basically counts all the minutes in a year. It also, I believe, pertains to a measure of a year of love and all things good.

I am going above and beyond my 2018 mantra of “More people, less food.” And start posting about the things that make this year full. Of memories. Of friends. Of people around me, good and bad. Of the things I am grateful for. And not just the food I am grareful for.

While romantic love is a ways away for me, I am well aware that in all other kinds, I am overflowing. My family, friends, people I’ve met, passion for things that work, fervor for things that don’t, are all factors to a year full of love that I hope will make me much more cognizant of how lucky I really am.

Gagging yet?

Honestly, I am a little bit. Who knows how long this resolve will last, but I am writing it down as a reminder to be kinder to the universe that has been kind to me.

Because i can get whiny sometimes and I know when the activity in my life dies down and I find time to process all that has gone down, I will be extra in my head about it. And that’s fine, but also I want to make sure I remember all the things that make this year what it is.

What are you doing for yourself this year?

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