The human heart was—and remains—a mystery to me. But I’m learning. I have to. —Anthony Bourdain

July 2022

  • Status report: Daily hive eruptions, sometimes needing more than one antihistamine. Caffeine taken care of a daily mini coke + cold brew. Moments from last week: Just one. We lost 16% of the company to a reduction in force last Friday. It was a heartbreaking day, and we’re still reeling. Read more

  • Our Chibi breathed her last breath in my arms this last Friday. Chester and I are lost. Read more

  • Chester and I lost our girl late Friday night to a bad bout of GI stasis. We were able to say goodbye and hold her close while she left this existence. We are both broken. Read more

  • Status update: Migraines and insomnia. Advil close to running out, and Tylenol has stopped working for headaches. Is the insomnia causing the migraines or are the migraines causing the insomnia? Life is short moments of the week: 1. Chipped teeth getting fixed. Teeth are expensive, and now even more so. I broke two front teeth… Read more

  • Status update: Two almost caffeine migraines, and antihistamine sleep aids with some random af nightmares. Life is short moments of note: 1. Learning to make a childhood favorite. I have an aunt that makes the most amazing food. She has always been skilled in the kitchen. Anything that she makes is the best version of… Read more