The human heart was—and remains—a mystery to me. But I’m learning. I have to. —Anthony Bourdain

Life is short, week 25 of 52

Status update: Two almost caffeine migraines, and antihistamine sleep aids with some random af nightmares.

Life is short moments of note:

1. Learning to make a childhood favorite. I have an aunt that makes the most amazing food. She has always been skilled in the kitchen. Anything that she makes is the best version of it (but definitely the least healthy). My favorite is a squash vegetable mix that she makes with okra, eggplant, fresh shrimp shells, and apparently, the fat from frying pork. I made it this week with the shrimp shells i stuck in the freezer, but no pork fat oil. It was great, but missing squash blossoms and a bit more umami (just needs more oink). But it was great. It reminds me the next time I’m in the bay, I’ll ask her for her cooking secrets. Nobody writes anything down in this family.

2. Assembling my first desk. I have always had help with my furniture, and the last thing I assembled I’ve thrown out because of my shoddy work, and almost gave up on the replacement as well. My other desk, which was a gift, was falling apart. I was picking up screws and hinges and it was basically at risk of collapsing any moment. I knew I shouldn’t be too dependent on other, more skilled people and learn to at least put together a desk. So I did. It hasn’t fallen apart yet which is promising.

3. Baked goods. I have been having entirely too much. But in a very comforting way. I know I need to have less sugar — but it helps to stay awake. And have something nice when things are rough.

Song of the week: Have a Little Faith In Me by Joe Cocker


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