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What made me happy, July 3, 2023

Status report: Gut bothered me all week. Found out why on Friday. Thanks for nothing gut. Need more sleep but brain is also annoying. Things we do to live eh?

But there are bright points that I want to remember.

1. Noodles that turned out great. I had to refill my black vinegar because i am now half plant based dumpling, and with that I saw wide cut noodles and an amazing recipe to make with them. I may be a little obsessed, but also concerned about the amount of soy sauce I keep consuming. Simple food in a bowl. Comforting as hell.

2. Thrift store finds. I love them. It’s so satisfying to find something you know you’ll love for years in them, especially when they cost about 10% of what they would cost in regular shops. Pre-pandemic, outside of undies and specialty clothing, my closet was 90% thrift store finds. We’ve been going since post college, and this actually saved me from going into the office and getting stuck overnight when Ondoy struck. We have a few we always hit, and they’re always nice over there.

3. Cleaning out a closet worth of stuff. In tandem with buying clothes is making space. I cleaned out 3 70L boxes of old clothes that I held on to, in the hope of getting back to the weight, or the style beginning to make sense. I hope the clothes make their way to people that will make good memories with them, and make them happy. I know I did.

What made you happy this week?

Songs of the week:

That Thing You Do! by Billie Joe Armstrong

Vampire by Olivia Rodrigo

From the Start by Laufey

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