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Today I learned a lesson

5 injection sites aka 5 wound entry points for rabies

Today the universe sent me a reminder. As I was walking back to my place, I saw some of the neighborhood cats. I proceeded to open a sachet of wet food I had in my pocket and offered it to the cats. As one of them was pregnant and we had not made friends before, it swatted at me and hissed very defensively. I walk away and realize 3 minutes later that I had started bleeding.

See I knew the answer, but I was, for about 30 minutes, in denial that I had to get shots. Antirabies, anti tetanus, etc. I delayed until friends had confirmed that I indeed needed to get this looked at. A shower, a drive, and an hour later, after a quick doctor look over and being swarmed by a high school at lunch, I had 8 shots in my system. Not the fun stuff, but 8 very painful injections. One on each arm, a skin test, an anti tetanus, and 5 on the, i didnt even think, bony parts of my hand. And this is one of four days I have to go in, pay for each session, and get more very painful injections to my being.

What did I learn? One, that “just trusting” that another being wouldn’t hurt me was careless and that I knew better, and two, that my choices have consequences. What an apt parallel to my personal life. Where I find myself going against my gut so often, and get hurt when my instincts are proven right.

I truly do not have any self preservation, and this was a piercing (get it? Jk) reminder that sometimes your brain makes sense and to listen. Even when your heart is trying to lie to you.


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