The human heart was—and remains—a mystery to me. But I’m learning. I have to. —Anthony Bourdain

September 2008

  • Birthday Candle Fail

    This candle was a dud. No fireworks-y happening. *Kuya Butch’s birthday candle* Read more

  • Jello shots Monday. Purrfect. Read more

  • Pick a side, any side.

    I often find myself on the fence. Especially when it comes to my friends. The present is no different. Sadly, what was once a tightly knit group has now formed two separate groups, and i find myself trying to split myself in half hanging out with both of them. It’s no issue really, people with… Read more

  • Sunday is Family day

    So we haven’t seen our cousins from my mother’s side in a really long time. Since we’re all now basically in Manila and we can go to the mall again (long story, just that we were told by the mom’s side of the family to not go to the mall for a while) we decided… Read more

  • Happy birthday Diyeydiyay! (jj)

    It’s my besftriend’s birthday today. John Joseph Alejandro Narsolis V turns 22 and it’s a joyous day. And that is still my favorite picture of us (well technically our footwear) Read more

  • The simple things.

    I guess with all i’ve done lately, I haven’t felt like me in a while. I don’t really party but I want to now. I find myself listening to party music and doing the shimmy shimmy shake at home, and the head bob at my station at work. I find myself checking out people’s outfits… Read more

  • I take pictures now too. 🙂

    i recently got a Nikon d40. Ish so affordable now and I afforded. Wahaha. So now i take pictures. Of everything and anything. For example this Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas box we got at home. Photo edited (just color) by Read more

  • Happy Birthday Ren!

    My former boss who has curves for days turns 30 22 today. Happy Birthday Ren! Read more

  • My final UAAP weekend

    And it was a UAAP saturated weekend. After a few days of trying to find tickets online and whatnot, got tickets the old fashioned way, Joannaman got in line on the day of the last game of UP and UST, which was also an ADMU vs DLSU game day so it was hell trying to… Read more

  • What a weekend

    Saturday was a blur. A blur, but a blast. I was happy that the cupcake surprise for Sarah (Happy Birthday Sarah!) went well. The birthday candle went off ok, but it took a bit of coaxing for it to go the whole fireworks-y. I, like a lot of people from my generation, headed to the Eraserheads… Read more