Killing ourselves over lunch at Kanin Club

crispy dinuguan

Dinuguan is the ubiquitous “watch the foreigner squirm as we make them eat this” food next to the famous balut. It is essentially blood soup, with pork bits or guts, depending on which region you eat. It’s actually pretty good. Especially with labanos (horseradish) since it cuts through the meaty taste which can sometimes be overwhelming.

Want to truly overwhelm yourself? Try Kanin Club’s version at the new Ayala Technohub in Commonwealth. They serve up a truly sinful version that has the pork bits incredbly crunchy amidst the rich blood soup. It’s like eating chicharon bulaklak in dinuguan stew, and since I am a fan of chicharon, I immediately wanted to try this when I read about it on Dessert Comes First.

I dragged my friends to a late lunch on a bored Monday and as they were fans of the artery clogging kind of food that I love, it was an easy task.

As it was an uber late lunch, we went all out and ordered the most calorie laden therefore yummy items on the menu, Crispy Dinuguan, Crispy Pata, Crispy Tadyang and Aligue rice to boot.

It didn’t take long for us to sweep through the dishes and regret what we just did, all the while smiling through the imaginary headaches.

So try it. Then run for 5 hours the next day to make up for it, coz it is worth every bite.

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