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Of failed attempts at being active and wearing yourself down

My knee pads
My knee pads. They’re a new must to a new me.

The knee pads in the photo are fairly new. They’re a new staple to the me that I’ve been this year, since being told I have osteoarthritis. Basically, I wore down my knees to almost non-existent cartilage protection, and started limping. MRI, diagnosis, options, and voila! Age and dirty jokes abound when I had to start wearing these, but they are honestly a godsend. I really like walking around, and with these, i can actually do that without wincing after 30 minutes. Which isn’t really surprising as two doctors told me that I wore my right knee down to the bone.

It’s disappointing, really, as I used to spend hours just leisurely walking, or did futsal for fun, and did boxing and muay thai for a while. With this condition, I have had to change perspectives and find alternative ways to get active again, and actually help myself with this thing, as excess weight only exacerbates the issue.

So what’s the solution to this bit of a conundrum? I don’t know yet. If anyone would like to let me tag along in their low joint impact activities, please, let me know. I am open to most anything, and I think having a friend to work out with helps a lot with keeping yourself motivated.

So what’s keeping you active?

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