The human heart was—and remains—a mystery to me. But I’m learning. I have to. —Anthony Bourdain

To a home of my own

I plan. I make lists and dream about the future, growing up for me was a scary, but amazing concept of independence and free choice. One of the things I have always thought about, was a space of my own.

You see, growing up, our nondescript address always had people lost, deliveries delayed, and people scared. The neighborhood itself was okay, but the surrounding areas you had to go through to get to it, difficult.

Growing up as well, going to friend’s houses, I noticed all the good, the bad and the ugly, and the things that I wanted growing up, I have found, I still want. So let’s keep this here for posterity.

My dream house will have…

…comfortable seating. I have always had issues with seating. My posture is not the best. I like sitting in comfortable chairs. I do not like those uncomfortable, Victorian chairs that will make your back hurt after two hours. I will drown in my couches and fall asleep in cushy love seats.

…beds with solid bottoms/storage. Boogeymans will have no space in my future home, as I will fill the space with socks, or books.

…a space for books. Even if my new books will all be in ebook form, I will forever haunt discount bookstores for cheap finds and musty tomes. My children will not have an ipad to read on, but actual books that they will read at night, with flashlights.

…wood or marble flooring. I am a klutz. I slip, I forget about spills, and tile is too crazy slippery for every day. Carpets are fine, but too hot for the weather, and I do not know if I can clean it well.

…printed personal photos. The country we live in is gorgeous, and we keep going back to the picture perfect places that will make anyone with a phone camera look like a pro just because of its natural beauty. The goal is to print, frame and mount personal photos in the future house. So that the art is personal, and represents the people living in it.

….real food. In as much as I will always be weak for the junk, the fatty, the sweet, real food will be paramount in my home. While I may not get the island in the kitchen in my first home, I will make space to make real food. I have learned to make my own gnocchi, pesto, cookies, cheesecake, longganisa, and all others in between, and my home will be filled with the smells of cooking and baking.

….color. In as much as all I’ve read and saved photos of beautiful spaces are monochromatic and full of white, I am very much a fan of color. I have rainbow colored mini Christmas trees. Curtains that look like party streamers. Sheets that look like neon highlighter. I will try and tone it down but my fabrics will scream color, my art a rainbow of hues.

…love. My home will be full of love. All kinds of love. Annoyingly, messy love that takes over everyone that enters my home. As a home without love is just a space with stuff that people live in. My home will be a setting for love.


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