The human heart was—and remains—a mystery to me. But I’m learning. I have to. —Anthony Bourdain

Hug your fathers

Yesterday, two more people in my circle lost their dads. TWO MORE. 2018 has been such a rollercoaster of emotions but I think seeing people I love lose their fathers has been the most heart wrenching of them all. Too many funerals, too many tears shed, too many Christmases that will be forever changed now that they’re gone.

I had a draft penned, a letter about a fat shaming person in my circle but it all seems so trivial now. Today, and for the rest of the week, I will mourn with my friends of their loss.

So if you still have a dad, hug them today. I never hug my dad and we never say I love you but I might just do that today. Before it’s too late. And I will record his voice. Will take more photos.

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