The human heart was—and remains—a mystery to me. But I’m learning. I have to. —Anthony Bourdain

April 2023

  • And now the pain stings a bit more. Read more

  • Status report: Increasingly frequent hives situationhas me reaching for the antihistamine more often than i’d like to admit. Thankfully a few natural remedies shared by a friend are working. Insomnia is also being inconvenient, but hey maybe it’s more excitement to wake up than anything? Happy bits of the week: 1. Surprises. I an a… Read more

  • 37.

    I’ll get there. Read more

  • Status report: Hives still keep happening, and my lower back hurts even with regular massages for Tita’s Hedonist Day Out. I need to figure this out. What made me happy last week: 1. Family time. I don’t see my extended family a lot, especially since the move. This holy week holiday is one of those… Read more

  • Status report: I seem to have managed blood pressure through medication, a better sleep schedule, and forcing myself to eat better. Allergies are still bad, and I have had more than normal evenings with insomnia. It’s like my body is gearing up for bad news. Let’s hope it’s wrong. There are a few happy things… Read more