The human heart was—and remains—a mystery to me. But I’m learning. I have to. —Anthony Bourdain

May 2023

  • Status report: Hives more than usual, but sleeping a bit better. Zero work on self because my place has been gross. Hoping to do better. Here are the bright spots: 1. My friend Anna. When I told her about my incredibly irresponsible emotional response to something this week, she showed up for me. I am… Read more

  • Status report: Not exercising as much as I need due to extenuating circumstances, been upping my caffeine, not eating great. The happy thoughts of the previous week: 1. Getting a little bit of perspective. I have been so out of sorts lately that I forgot about other people. Hearing from others and making sure I… Read more

  • Status report: Only one hive breakout! But the whole week my brain wouldnt let me sleep. So much to think about, and I need to give myself some space and boundaries. Work in progress. I had some bright spots. It was a rollercoaster of a week and there were a lot of things on my… Read more

  • Staus report: Daily hives and insomnia — I can’t quiet my brain a lot. What made me happy this past week: 1. Getting to reconnect with a former colleague. My world is apparently quite small in my work life, and my life is mostly work. So when it’s a pleasant interaction that is out of… Read more

  • Status update: Insomnia and stress migraines are on the uptick and I haven’t been eating right. It’s a process. I did have some good moments though: 1. Sharing some good cake with people 11000 miles away. My manager’s birthday needed cake. And because she was in office before the actual day, and it was the… Read more

  • Status report: It’s been a week of barely controllable hive breakouts and random outbursts. I have been self medicating with a lot of sweets, sugary drinks, and acupuncture like ear piercings. However in this rollercoaster of a week there are a few bright spots: 1. Getting more ear piercings. I have realized that earrings are… Read more