The human heart was—and remains—a mystery to me. But I’m learning. I have to. —Anthony Bourdain


  • Honestly, I was skeptical about the Todd English Food Hall. I have read bad things about the celebrity chef that it’s named for, and the food hall concept seemed for me, a little too easy. It is a huge space, and the acoustics travel a bit, so expect to hear a bit from your neighbor’s… Read more

  • Just coz I’m hungry

    Here’s a picture of the Lotus Garden spin on California Maki. This is made with avocado instead of crabsticks, with sesame seeds instead of fish eggs. YUMMY. Read more

  • How was your Halloween?

    Mine was tiring but especially fun. You see this year, the IMS costume contest ballooned into a company wide (well at least this branch of the company) competition, with different departments all participating. I was part of the organizing committee and may I say, that is a fun group of people to work with. And… Read more

  • Sunday is Family day

    So we haven’t seen our cousins from my mother’s side in a really long time. Since we’re all now basically in Manila and we can go to the mall again (long story, just that we were told by the mom’s side of the family to not go to the mall for a while) we decided… Read more

  • So after mass on Sunday, we just had to head to Chocolate Kiss to try out the new menu and to really check if that Sunday was a fluke. Of course we had to go, I love the place too much to write it off. So with excitement and a bit of trepidation we ordered.… Read more

  • So last week was a slow task week at User Experience. Me being the masochist I am, I browsed my favorite local food blog all those days, which is my own special brand of self-torture. And even if it was Dessert Comes First I found myself craving for a slice of steak. Although I could… Read more

  • A Greek feast at Cyma

    Sunday morning. I had like 2 hours of sleep under my belt. I had to go to mass. With two words, Joannaman perked me up instantly. “Cyma tayo“. I dragged my tired body and even if I wanted to crawl under a rock and wake up the next day, went to mass earlier than I… Read more

  • The Chocolate Kiss Cafe in UP Diliman is one of my favorite haunts. This is clearly evidenced by my former blogposts here and here. It’s quiet. It’s like a hop skip and a jump away from our house. It has simple, unassuming food that’s not too expensive. It has my favorite blueberry cheesecake. But my… Read more

  • So what’s new?

    I’m turning over a new leaf. I have a new job. From a yearlong stint as an Internet Marketing Specialist I find myself facing a whole different terrain. I am now a User Experience Specialist (in training). This is definitely something that’s making me way excited but also ants in my pants nervous at the… Read more