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A triumphant return to The Chocolate Kiss Cafe and a round of blissful durian from Tito Monching

So after mass on Sunday, we just had to head to Chocolate Kiss to try out the new menu and to really check if that Sunday was a fluke. Of course we had to go, I love the place too much to write it off. So with excitement and a bit of trepidation we ordered. I had the ribs (again), Joannaman had the new Shrimp Aligue Pasta, Mom had the Margerita, Esther had the salisbury steak.

We were all pretty happy with our orders, the ribs i got were back to the nice flavorful easy to eat ribs I remember, Joannaman liked the new aligue pasta, albeit she felt the effect of the rich aligue afterwards. Esther could eat anything, and even ate everything since we couldn’t finish our orders. Mom raved about her pasta, it was simple and tangy and she loved that. I’m happy to report that THAT Sunday was a fluke and i am back to being a Chockiss regular. I wanna try all the new things on the menu.

Last night I was in bliss. Dad came home from Batangas bearing stinky gifts from Davao. Apparently Tito Monching, one of his best friends brought home durian from Davao. I know how people react to durian, it’s either they hate it with a passion or they love it. I happen to be one of the latter. The stinkier the better I say. And since the package stank to high heaven I was excited at the promise of the rich goodness of the fruit I hardly get to eat. One, it’s quite pricey. Two, you can’t exactly find it just anywhere, and three, if you do find it, all the people on the public transportation you’re gonna ride home in will resent the fact that you did. So the only time I get to eat it is at home, when one of the parental units bring home some.

The first bite brought almost a choir of hallelujah to my ears, I missed it so. Its rich, sweet, sinful and oh so smelly flesh is an experience to say the least. The fact that only Mom and I could stand it was sweet sweet victory (More for me yay!) and i savored every bite.

So if you haven’t tried the stinky prickle covered fruit from down under, i suggest you do. You might find you like it. And if you don’t I’ll give you my address. Send me the rest. 🙂

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