The human heart was—and remains—a mystery to me. But I’m learning. I have to. —Anthony Bourdain

Thought of the day:

“I like to pretend I’m deep and mysterious. Truthfully, I’m not. I’m simple, and easy to please. But, you don’ fall for girls that won’t break your heart.” -Unknown

We threw a party for two friends who came back to the Philippines the first time since they moved there and the conversation inevitably drifted to women, and the kind of girls our friends go for. A lot of our friends are couples or married, but recently, a few are now back on the market and yes, we talk about the women (or men) in the radar.

Generally, the desirable traits were: hot, skinny, sings, nice, confident, sweet. In general, if you get those naturally, well, yay! If you aren’t genetically blessed, those are harder to come by and take work. I’d like to think my friends are combinations of some if not all of both (I constantly find myself in the presence of incredible women, I’m lucky like that). My amazing friends are single though, so maybe the conversation we needed to have are what are the “actual” traits that translate to the “relationship type”.

I consider myself fortunate, as I have found love, lost love, and have known love in my life and is still knowing what love is capable of. Love is a way different concept from relationships however, which are difficult long term, and change dramatically over time.

But I digress.

I am not mysterious. You can read pages of this blog and find out a lot of my history, my ideas, how I think and how I speak. I’m quite simple and easy to please, as my idea of an ideal date night is a simple night in with a good meal. I won’t lie and say that this is the only thing I go for, as I do like to get fancy sometimes, and I think I work hard enough to deserve the things I can afford from time to time. But I recently reconnected to the me that does not drink, I don’t like to wear makeup or go out too much, and I have been so used to working in my own space at home, I find my tolerance for bull very, very limited.

Why am I thinking about this Monday morning first thing in? I guess since I am turning a year older this week, it’s time to take stock of what I’ve done in the past year, and what I want to do in the coming one. What I’ve learned is in the multitudes, what I’ve had to get up from, interesting and definitely takes the cake (Ooh, cake).

So what are you thinking about this Monday morning?

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