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3 things that make me happy

If you're happy and you know it
This was a particularly happy moment in the early months of 2011

Well, for one thing, lists. I like lists. They give me a semblance of organization, a purpose, and with my ten second memory, it’s a heck of a good way to track things that I may well soon forget. So now, let me tell you about the things that make me happy today:

1. People I love. Well, no surprise there. When I was discussing what I was passionate about the other night, I couldn’t really give a concrete example that I could back with evidence. Sure, food is there, but hey, food is almost everyone’s passion. I cannot begin to tell you what settings your camera should be in when you’re indoors, outdoors, or any other situation. I write because it’s therapeutic, but I can easily forget about a subject. Then it was pointed out to me that I was passionate about the people I love, and I had to agree. I guess it’s why I’m touchy when a friend is cold. Or a family member is getting hurt, or pissed when someone I care about is seemingly self-destructing and I can’t do anything about it. I am passionate about the people I love, because they make me happy. I want them happy. I go out of my way sometimes to accomplish that. But I digress. Yes. People I love make me happy, just because they exist.

2. Books. Books are my favorite way to while away hours, or drop off to sleep when my head is filled with worry, or anger, or annoyance. Their ability to transport me to another world is amazing. The emotions they can stir with words, and the way they can get you invested in characters that don’t exist beyond imagination. A book is an escape, a friend, a comfort, a distraction, and all other things you want it to be. And while others hold true to books that are in print, I have no qualms about electronic readers, as long as I can lug them around to distract me while I wait for other people to arrive (coz I’m usually the first to get there).

3. Food. I have always had a close relationship with food. And it’s not just eating it, even preparing can make me happy, making people happy with what I cook is always fulfilling too, and it may be one of the simplest things I do that are the quickest in terms of finding gratification. I may have a more complicated relationship with it from before when my metabolism was a monster, but good food is always bound to put a smile on my face.


Simple, but can be complicated at times, but happiness is something I always want to have around. Joy can be difficult sometimes in this world, but when you find the good in the small things, it makes it easier for you to get long term happiness.


What makes you happy?

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