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What I’m grateful for, week 20 of 52

I can’t even remember half of it honestly, but these are the bright spots.

1. Finding out that Cheester’s nose thing isn’t cancer. When I heard it last week, I was literally on the floor a lot with him, just giving him extra attention, fattening him up because he had lost some weight. To get lab results that said infection and the vet figuring out how to give him the right antibiotics, was a sigh of relief.

2. Living room getting an upgrade of airconditioning. This was something we had been campaigning for months for, but have not been able to do because of paranoia during installation. Summer has been blistering hot, and having cool air in the hottest hours of the day have been a relief. This cost a pretty penny but I think the quality of life has been going up since. (I am honestly afraid of the electric bill though)

3. Being able to productively spend my anxious energy into a paint refresh. It’s not done yet, and I am not great at it, and I may or may not have gotten paint in my eye, hair, and knees all in one, but I repainted the gare scratches and also painted the bathroom door. Maybe I should have put this energy into exercise but it is just too damn hot to row right now.

4. Hitting farmer’s market suddenly on an errand day. It was just supposed to be picking up Chester’s antibiotics and a quick grocery run, but we hit Cubao anyway for our favorite kimchi, greens and herbs for what i hope is a less brown all the time week menu.

5. This birb. I have been opening this link and wiggling with this birb for a week. It’s silly and the buns have majorly side-eyed me whenever I do it, but I love it.

Song of the week: Wiggle a Bit for obvious reasons.

What are you grateful for this week?

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