The human heart was—and remains—a mystery to me. But I’m learning. I have to. —Anthony Bourdain

Life is short, week 23 of 52

Status report: Hives, 5 out of 7 days. I’m going to need to restock antihistamines soon.

Life is short moments of the week:

1. Getting to my favorite local market. Farmer’s market has always been solid. Super fresh veggies and seafood in reasonable prices. Which meant I spent more than usual on veggies and fresh ingredients. Scored sashimi, lemons, and such fresh shrimp. Always makes me feel better, even if my wallet feels lighter.

2. My favorite Italian place in the city. In the 90s, an Italian former papparazo married a Filipina, and they opened a restaurant in Cubao Expo. It was exceptionally good that day — everything was done a la minute and served perfectly. My mom was groaning in fullness but it was only because her pants weren’t stretchy and her belt was high up. She is the most of the three of us to want to suffer for fashion.

3. The best new smell i’ve smelled in a while. While at Cubao Expo, Joannaman pointed out a candle shop she said she follows on Instagram. It was The Doctor Chandler shop. First sniff and we were hooked. Mom bought their Oxytocin scent within the first 4 minutes, while Joannaman and I spent 15 minutes smelling most of everything. We had to narrow down our likes to one, and I picked Testosterone. Joannaman didn’t buy anything, but my list of what else to try are Adrenaline, Carbon and Oxygen. I am frankly obsessed and light this candle when I wind down at the end of the day and am lying down. I will prolly do this until I get super tired of it.

Song of the week: The Story by Brandi Carlile


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