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What made me happy — June 20, 2023

Status report: Hives are hivey and insomnia is bad.

I had a few highlights this past week.

1. Having time with friends I’ve had since kindergarten. Decades of friendship and every time we see each other I feel like I’m 12 again, listening to the Spice Girls. We don’t see each other a lot. They have very full lives, offspring even, but we usually come together last minute. I love having them around. Physically tiring, however, a total recharge of my soul.

2. Making plans. Outside of food, plane tickets are my biggest expense that I don’t balk at. With a lot of my loved ones 16 hours and more than 11,000 miles away, it’s money well spent. I can’t wait. Are we there yet?

3. Friends having helpful compulsions. One said friend stayed on my couch for an evening, and started cleaning my bookshelves and office setup while I was showering. Two hours later, my books were dusted, my storage boxes reorganized, my air fryer sparkling. I tell people all the time that I would make a crappy maid, and this really made that clear. I had hired cleaners to do an initial sweep, and did a semi-organizing rush before she came over. I will play to my strengths, and lean into this. Lucky i didn’t offend her too much, just enough for her to want to help.

Songs of the week:

Heat Waves by Glass Animals

Like Real People Do by Hozier

Sleep Well by d4vd

I’m In Love with You by The 1975

What made you happy this past week?


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