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Inspire yourself with these women today

What inspires you? People inspire me. I see other people living their lives and I think to myself, I want to be that way. In my work I have three women I want to grow up like; that I’ve come across very luckily in my career. And I will introduce you to them in the order that I’ve met them, as they all garner equally in my aspirations:

The first is Rhiza Oyos.

Smile like all your dreams are coming true.

She was my first boss-boss. We worked together in the company I first worked for, US Autoparts, with her leading the leadership team I was in. She was successful. She chose to live on her own (a choice not often for Filipina women, who usually live with their parents until they marry). She writes beautifully. Her style was comfortable cool. She travels to faraway places on her own coin. She takes fantastic beautiful photos that made the ordinary extraordinary. And she was nice. To little old me who shouldn’t even have registered on her radar, she took to my writing and offered me this blog. She continues to fill the world with beautiful things, least of all her adorable twins and life with her husband. She continues to inspire myself and others in her un-Stepford Wife way, that she manages a career, raises twins, does her side businesses, and still manage to look effortlessly cute. Her relationship with God is something that I want to grow up to, as I know it takes a different kind of person to truly connect with Him at this age. For a more beautiful world, let Riz inspire you today, because she inspires me every day to look at the world and all its beauty, even in the ordinary, the asinine, the normal.

The second is Gianna Driver.

Change the world today.

She also used to be my boss. She is a comet. A VP in a Fortune 500 at 28 (I am not sure on ages). Who looked like she never gave birth a month after she popped out the most gorgeous baby ever. Who moved mountains to save a colleague on the other side of the world, when it was dangerous, scary, and almost impossible to. I love Gianna for her honesty. She says it like it is. Don’t expect the sugarcoating. When you’ve messed up, she will tell you, and when you’re doing well, she’ll tell you that too. She has a superwoman thing going on that sometimes makes me think if she’s for real, and when you talk to her, you see that every bit of wanting to save the world, she means 100%. Her life growing up has not been perfect, and now that she has her own little family, she is working to provide the most ideal life for it, all the while imbuing the ideals of both the Filipino and American cultures, which she both has. And have I also said that she is one of the most naturally beautiful people I know? This quote from Dustin Hoffman about Brad Pitt comes to mind: “”Next to that kid, we all look like onions.” It doesn’t take much, I don’t think I’ve ever seen her in full makeup. She wears clothes she can move in. She always looks put together and wears things that you don’t think would look good together, but on her it makes sense.  Let Gianna inspire you today to make the world a better place. That even in this insane world of cheats, liars and douchebags, there is beauty in seeing the world not for what it can do for you, but what you can help it with.

The third is Toni Tiu.

Do it all.

I worked with her briefly, but not directly. She headed another team that was known to be close knit, smart and hardworking. We’re not very close, but a conversation here and there, blog and Facebook comments, instagram stalking from time to time. Toni is a shining star. From all the conversations that she’s been brought up, I have heard nothing but praises about her work ethic, her dealing with others, and general personality. I can’t even begin to think of another person who hasn’t received a critique at one point or another, but her reviews are flawless. From time spent with her at teamwide meetings, other social gatherings, I know what they mean. Toni is on point all the time. She is a valuable contributor to conversations, she enriches working environments. She is healthily competitive without being abrasive. She loves food as much as I do but it doesn’t show on her petite frame. Her blog posts are actually things I look out for, even if they are aimed towards mothers, the humanity that she shows makes her life not perfect, but manageable. Get inspired by Toni’s real life, her everyday tips, adventures in day to day, and amazing, low key style that is timeless and easy to wear. In this world of hurried, harried and crazy, she makes it seem doable to spin all the plates we women have to from day to day.

So here are women that might inspire you today to be better, through example. I am definitely a fan of each of them.

Who inspires you?

3 responses to “Inspire yourself with these women today”

  1. Aww, Jody! I look up to these women too (Gianna and Toni, oh how I love them!), and I feel half-amazed, and half-undeserving to be in a list with them. The admiration is mutual, I wouldn’t have given you this space if I didn’t/don’t love the way you write, the way you think, and the kind of woman that you were, you are, and are becoming. I have super high respect and hope for you, I’m sure you’re making a huge impact to someone else’s life too, unaware you may be. 🙂

  2. Hi Riz! 🙂 Thank you for always believing in me, and I will try to live up to the hype. I am not going to waste the inspiration you three have given me!

  3. […] This is an old one, but I’m still a little stoked (one month later) that someone would write such beautiful words about little old me, and place me in a list along with two women I look up to and admire. Thanks, again, Jody. […]

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