The human heart was—and remains—a mystery to me. But I’m learning. I have to. —Anthony Bourdain

March 2015

  • The website for Your Local says “A new take on familiar flavors.” I would like to agree. While a couple weeks ago was my first visit to the joint, the place felt recognizable, while being fresh. I had heard of Your Local before, you can’t help but, if you read food blogs and local websites… Read more

  • I know I will sound boring with today’s thought, but sometimes, it really is the real, tiny things in life that are experiences. Finding the time to have a real conversation. Staying awake just because, when you’re used to sleeping at 8 pm. These are some of the experiences that stand out. Live the reality… Read more

  • When a former colleague asked to take us to dinner for a celebration of a year well done, I had to look for a place in the Shangrila area. It couldn’t be too weird, as our colleague is notorious for being picky, and it couldn’t be too far because we only had a limited amount… Read more

  • I can’t take credit for finding Patio Vera, as it was the significant other that found it and made reservations the first time we went there. I was awed. The place was gorgeous. It’s set in an outdoor patio, with an all white room that’s airconditioned for those who want their dinner a bit brighter.… Read more

  • Too soon, Munchkin.

      Sasha Munchkin. We loved her the moment we saw her.      A name that took us a day to decide on. We got her January   31, 2015, picked up from an online seller. She was so tiny,    she came in a Zesto box, even if she was three months old. She was… Read more

  • I read somewhere that Steve Jobs said, “Things don’t have to change the world to be important.” I truly understand wanting to change the world, and weirdly, the person who said this has changed how the world sees a phone, but I can truly relate to what he said. I want to say, change yourself… Read more