The human heart was—and remains—a mystery to me. But I’m learning. I have to. —Anthony Bourdain

Life is short week 14 of 52

Status report: 2 days of migraines — the least in a while. Less time to row though— I need to reconfigure how to do a decent alternative starting this week.

1. Cheester being extra clingy this past week. I got woken up several times by nips because of the hay situation being unsatisfactory, and he’s been extra thumpy, but this usually happens when I bring the big suitcase out. It’s not great but I’m glad to know I matter to him — at least in human slave status.

2. Beach trips. After two years, the beach. I have to cancel my next booked trip to Cebu, but I’m glad I got to go on this one. White sand, clear water, drinks on the beach. Even if there was more rain than sun, and I have been sleeping more than I have been hanging out. It’s been a chill, fun time with a couple friends who are innately motherly and have been super helpful in my limited capacity, and I’m super grateful.

3. Planning and figuring out things. I usually hate planning — but love when it comes together. Everything has been back and forth and I have so many people to consult, but that also means I have a lot to look forward to (I hope). Again, life is short. Do the thing. Eat the food. Drink the drink. This is going to be me for a while.

Song of the week: Space Ghost Coast to Coast by Glass Animals


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