I know it sounds cliche but…


*Find a Jollibee to hug.*
Hey, lemme tell you today, that you are lovely. Just the way you are. You don’t need to lose five pounds. Someone, somewhere, you might not know it,(or if you’re really lucky, you do) someone is in love with that sideways smile, or that crazy laugh. Remember that before you think that there’s never gonna be the one for you. Just wait. You’re wonderful, you’re smart, you offer the world a lot more than you give yourself credit for.

And yes, I’m talking to you. You might not feel it right now, it might be one of those days, or you just feel invisible in the sea of dolls and long legs, but I am talking to you.

Stop beating yourself up for the one that got away. They didn’t deserve you coz they didn’t see you. How wonderful you are, how loving you can be. They didn’t take the time to know you.

Have fun with your life. Forget about finding “the one”. Forget about the endless search for the right person for you, just let them find you. Coz if they’re smart, they will. And really, do you really wanna go for the stupid ones?

So hey, chin up. You’re alive for a reason. 🙂


A Public life


I am very happy that I am a private citizen. While I am a gossip blog addict and a blogger, I couldn’t imagine living my life for everyone to see.

You might be saying right now, “This is coming from a girl with 4 blogs to her name”. Yes I do blog, I do share my thoughts and sometimes pics of the people I love, but I choose what to share. It’s not a life like those people who have photographers running after them hoping to catch every slip, every mistake.

And it’s not just celebrities. I can’t do the whole Facebook thing, posting all I feel when I feel it for the people they’re connected to on that thing. No judgment on those people on those who do, in fact I admire people who can put it all out there. Those “I love you @significant other” posts, living your romance in front of all your facebook friends, is for me the equal of writing poetry and posting it on your blog, too soul bearing for me. 🙂 PDA for the 21st century, whole relationships can even be printed out on a Facebook news feed.  And even if I do get the urge to do that sometimes (coz hey I get the butterflies too) I resist it, as I believe that if you live in public, you crash and burn there too.

I am afraid. While I love the idea of sharing how happy I am with my friends, the times that aren’t so happy I couldn’t bear to have all out there in the open. And from what I’ve seen, even the changing of a relationship status is cause for comments and questions I sometimes don’t want to answer.

Things go sour, things get tense, people leave, people arrive in my life, and for the best, stay there. They know how important they are. I might not shout it from the heavens right now, but that doesn’t mean i don’t feel it. And that I’m trying to keep it secret. I’m just trying to keep it sacred.