I want the Bench Coke Smile shirt

I saw the billboard, I saw the TV ads. Kim Chiu wearing this purple shirt stating simply: “A coke a day keeps the badtrip away”.

I want one.

And I went to Bench Trinoma yesterday in the hopes of getting one. Turns out, you can’t buy the shirt, you gotta redeem one bottlecap saying you won a shirt to get it.

So if you’ve met me, you know, I drink the stuff by the liter, you figure, easy peasy Japanesy right?


You see, at home I drink it by 1.5 liter bottles, and at the office, in cans. This is a challenge. Do i walk everytime to the grocery to buy those 500ml bottles? (I’d be hard pressed to find someone to go there everytime I wanted one, it’s hard enough getting someone to go to the 6th floor with me ya know).

So I’m asking for help.

If you really don’t care, and own a store selling coke by the bottle/liter, can I have the caps? Those that say I win a shirt?

I really want the shirt.

They go with these new purple flats I just bought. Haha.

Plus, COKE.

17 thoughts on “I want the Bench Coke Smile shirt

  1. Funny how this works. You tell me you’ve been to Bench Trinoma yesterday checking if the shirt’s for sale. Did that, too, yesterday. You tell me you want the shirt. I tell you just the same. So, unahan na lang ba, Jody? Haha!

  2. you still dont have the shirt? i NEED one for the ehads concert =( can anyone help me please?

  3. waa i want those shirts too. all the colors πŸ™ it’s so hard to get one :)) yung nakuha ko pa lang is FREE 8oz waaa. :)) i hope na ibenta na lang nila yan MAS OKAY PA πŸ™‚

  4. ask ko lang anu bang nakalagay dun sa tanzan o sa cap? dapat ba nakalagay eh you won a shirt parang ang haba.. haha meron ako d2 naklagay eh “smile na” anu kaya un tatawa lang hahaha

  5. i have one cap with free shirt. dq kc type ung mga designs. benta q nlng sana ung cap. meron ba gusto bumili?? email me nlng sa yahoomail q plakatax_021@yc kung intersted ka. name ur price. ty

  6. im making the same print for my self di nglng orig hehe im done doing the screen fabric n lng kulang ko πŸ™‚ intrested?

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