I want the Bench Coke Smile shirt

I saw the billboard, I saw the TV ads. Kim Chiu wearing this purple shirt stating simply: “A coke a day keeps the badtrip away”.

I want one.

And I went to Bench Trinoma yesterday in the hopes of getting one. Turns out, you can’t buy the shirt, you gotta redeem one bottlecap saying you won a shirt to get it.

So if you’ve met me, you know, I drink the stuff by the liter, you figure, easy peasy Japanesy right?


You see, at home I drink it by 1.5 liter bottles, and at the office, in cans. This is a challenge. Do i walk everytime to the grocery to buy those 500ml bottles? (I’d be hard pressed to find someone to go there everytime I wanted one, it’s hard enough getting someone to go to the 6th floor with me ya know).

So I’m asking for help.

If you really don’t care, and own a store selling coke by the bottle/liter, can I have the caps? Those that say I win a shirt?

I really want the shirt.

They go with these new purple flats I just bought. Haha.

Plus, COKE.

A realistic optimist just trying to find her way.


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