The human heart was—and remains—a mystery to me. But I’m learning. I have to. —Anthony Bourdain

First of 12

And so it goes. The first month of 2010 went by in a snap. I feel like I haven’t even gotten my head around the fact that it’s a whole new decade (Also, I keep writing 2009 on notes and other forms) and it’s February. (How do I know that it’s February? Why by the abundance of hearts and roses around every establishment of course. Bleagh.)

Feels weird. It feels new.  I feel crazier. I feel angrier. Braver. And I’m the happiest I’ve been in since I can remember.  It’s a whole new me (Cue Aladdin music) and I’m amazed that it took a change of date, determination to make this year better than the last, and probably other people’s perspective weighing in to make this change happen.

I’m probably bigger than I was a month ago, but I’ve stopped caring about trying to fit in the whole ideal and now, I’m exercising for my health. (Well, does once count? If I was wheezing through a round at UP? I’m going back I promise and not just to go to Mang Larry)

I have plans now if you can believe it. I can’t. This person who always flies by the seat of their pants, now has lists of what she needs to accomplish, what she wants done. And is determined to cross off everything on there. I’m the girl with the plan now and I’m sure that I’ll get all those things crossed off by December.

January, you’re a 10.

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