The human heart was—and remains—a mystery to me. But I’m learning. I have to. —Anthony Bourdain

….then the wall came at me and I stepped on the GAS

So I went karting for the first time last week. I was excited to try this thing that even my 12 year old cousins go to Subic for. Why have I never been? I dunno really. It sounds like something I really would try, my favorite thing to do at the old SM Annex was go to World’s of fun and bump car. 🙂 Then again this is a whole different thing, the point was to STAY AWAY from other cars and not crash into them, which I did with relish when i was a kid.

But I digress.

When I finally got the chance to go try it, I was both excited and apprehensive. For one, I was going with people who raced real cars on a real track, I didn’t want to be the slow one in the track that people just zoomed past by. Excited too, to see how I fared in comparison, if i could do these things I only heard about before in theory.

I was doing okay, albeit a few spinouts. I was going pretty fast, speedier in turns if you can believe it. I couldn’t remember if what I was told was to slow down at turns or speed up. I tried going slower but that was boring, so I tried stepping on the gas on turns which proved much more exciting so I used that.

Several turns later, i zoned out. A couple zoomed past me, I kinda forgot where I was and what I was doing, and went straight when I should’ve turned. Saw a wall come toward me, and stepped on the gas. The gas man. The rubber(?) partitions i passed in a flash. The only thing that stopped me? A wall. A freaking wall. Next thing I heard were a couple of the technicians asking me what happened and telling me to be more careful and to step on the BRAKE next time. I broke the steering on that kart so I was transferred to a newer one. And amongst several guys waiting for their turn on the track asking me if I was okay (YEAH I HAD A LOT OF WITNESSES TO THE CRASH SINCE IT HAPPENED SO NEAR THE ENTRANCE) I got in this shiny new kart.  It had better steering and pedals that were more sensitive. I liked it wayyy better but admittedly I was slower this time around.

What did I learn?

Well besides the obvious, (STEP ON THE BRAKE IF A WALL IS COMING AT YA JEEZ) karting is fun. Exhilirating even if you get it right. And I’d like to think I got it right before the epic failure of my crash. And this is not the end of my karting career. Subic, I’m coming to conquer you.

Meanwhile, I’m waiting for the boom na boom guys to forget that I broke a kart and completely flattened a paint can before I go back there.

(Sorry guys. :D)

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