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Disappointed at Banapple


I got this response to the email I sent:

hi ms Jody, just to let you know that we’ve issued a verbal warning to mylene and she has been reassigned to another department. upon investigation with our duty manager it was clear that her skills were not up to banapple’s standards. again we apologize for what happened and we hope that you will still give us a chance to serve you in the future.

Kudos to them actually giving a damn about their customer service, their cakes are too good to just cross off the list.

Now I can enjoy a banoffee again!

Today I met my friend K, and wanting Banoffee pie for the longest time, I asked if we could meet at Banapple, my favorite place to get it. Heading to the place at 1:30 in the afternoon, I was pretty confident we would get nice seats and better service than what we would at rush time, but we were sadly disappointed. 🙁

I’m attaching the letter I wrote to the email address on their website here:

To Whom It May Concern,

I would like to express my disappointment at the service we experienced at your Katipunan branch (the newer one with two floors) today at 1:30 to 3 pm.
First, we were told to order when there were still six people near the counter, saying that they were still picking out their items.
When we got to the counter ready to order, those who were picking their takeout were still served first, leaving us waiting while they do, while we had our orders ready (we were dining in).
I had personally ordered your iced tea and when it was served, had a dead ant floating in it, which I had fortunately seen before taking a sip.
I called a server to replace the iced tea, and she went over the counter to supposedly do that, but as she gave it back, the same ant was floating around the iced tea.
I called another server to have it replaced (again) and was handed back the same glass, without the ice, but had the ant still in it.
I called the same server (I unfortunately did not have the time to take down her name, but she had pale skin, a white shirt and a sullen expression) to direct her attention and told her that the ant was still there, and was handed back the same iced tea, now sans the ant and ice.
I called her back to ask for ice as I was already exasperated and hungry, to sit down and just drink the iced tea.

We noticed that same server sullenly regarding as every time she passed by, but ignored my friend’s attempts at asking for water, only turning to her when she was expressly called “Miss”, at the time several minutes had passed by.
After giving my friend water, she very hurriedly asked to clean up our plates, and picked them up instantly.
After which she still stared sullenly, which we thought was weird since it was already 3 pm, and slow in terms of foot traffic.
As we were planning to order cakes after a few minutes, we decided to just leave as we felt unwelcome to stay.

We were very disappointed as we’ve gone to banapple many times over the years, and have never been treated so badly.
We considered your restaurant a favorite and have recommended them to many friends, but would not continue to do so if this is the service awaiting them there.

Hoping for your speedy response

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  1. nosebleed! ahaha! mahirap ka talaga magutom tsk tsk. 😀

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