The human heart was—and remains—a mystery to me. But I’m learning. I have to. —Anthony Bourdain


For weeks, I’ve been struggling with what to write for this blog. No, nothing truly horrible has happened in my life or to anyone I love. There’s just been a voice nagging me to write something true, something more than a few sentences describing a photo I took or a new food item I cooked or tried. I wanted to write something  that would mean more than just a garnish to an image or an experience. Something that made its mark on me, or maybe on the people who might chance upon this piece of the internet that I hold.

So let me write about words. Their power to influence, to hurt, to span generations and still be as poignant 100 years later than when they were first put to paper. I guess for a writer in this surplus world of information, making something, anything that will last, even for a moment in someone else’s life is one thing we do want to accomplish at least once in our lives. To move an audience of as little as one  with a phrase, a paragraph, an essay. Of something you’re truly passionate about. Of what moved you today. Of what happened in that particular moment that you just had to record with your own thoughts and share with others. Because in this world, the idea of permanence is fleeting. Even books are becoming an antiquated idea, the printed world giving way to pixels that anyone can easily dismiss with a click.

Why? I can’t even begin to tell you how often I’ve come across something I read that I did want to share with the world. Even if the idea of quoting someone is beginning to be as passe as forwarding a chain letter in someone’s mailbox, the idea that a few words could make someone else feels as I felt when I read it makes it all worthwhile to share. Who knows the power your words hold over people? What would pull on someone randomly reading a piece you’ve penned and making it a point to make sure others read it. I do want to think that the words I experience everyday have made life richer. And if your words can do that to others, then do it.

However uhip or egoistic it is to want to make an impact in the world with what you write, I want to urge people reading this to keep doing it. You may not make money off of it, or be the next frost or yates, you never know. Maybe this piece you wrote today will give you something to look back on and see how your younger self liked to think, or show your children who you were before they were born. Maybe this’ll just be something others use against you when they want to kick you to the ground, using your own words to mock you. It doesn’t matter.

Just write.

If it moves just one person (even if that person is you) for a single moment, it is a mark you left on their being. Maybe it’ll make them change them change their perspective for a second, or maybe it’ll just be something a person laughs at because of its absurdity, but it is, in that moment, significant to themselves.

Write. Because you need to. Because the world needs you to.

2 responses to “Write.”

  1. I’ve always thought you’re a good writer, Jody. I’m a believer. Keep writing! 🙂

  2. Thank you Mami Riz. 😀 I hope to keep up with what made you believe in me!

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