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    Lately I’ve been thinking about endings. They say everything looks better in hindsight, but this is not something I agree with. I think everything looks better in hindsight only if you’re sad. If it feels right, then you see what ended clearly. What it was, what it wasn’t. And to quote a colleague in a phrase I heard the past several months quite often, “It is what it is.”. Life will never be perfect. Something will always be a little bit off. You may be extremely happy, yes, and content with what you have, but it will never be 100% going your way. It just takes your choices and outlook…

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    But isn’t everything a gamble?

      Gambling. It’s been on my mind lately, maybe because I’ve been in the Thunderbird Rizal resorts casino twice the past week, but also because of what’s happening in my life. I won’t go into too much detail right now, but to say, the future is not as I thought it’d be a few months before this one. I am not a fan of casinos. Mostly because I never win. I don’t know how to play the games, and the slots never give me back anything. The air is filled with smoke and the food is just okay. It’s an environment built to make you want to concentrate on playing,…

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    Let me sin again: Ramen Nagi’s Butao King

    Ramen Nagi is a lot of people’s favorite from the ramen joints out there. It’s one of the more interactive ones, where you pick the richness of the broth, the garlic strength, noodle firmness, and individually pick add ons from the menu. I’ve heard about the place a long time, and I only had the time to go there last week, with a friend I haven’t hung out with in forever. I picked the most basic broth, the Original King (P390, with P50 for add ons like egg or mushrooms), as I have heard that the spicy Red King was a burn on the mouth. While I like a bit…

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    And I will listen

    Those who know me know that I am not the friendliest of people, or the most talkative. I sit. I listen. I am there most of the time to lend an ear. This has perhaps lent me an air of coldness or superiority, but really, I am more just there for the people who I love. I am not one to share too much, talk too long. I guess even at a point when everyone wanted to hear my story, I was wary of being the center of attention and masked my brokenness with humor, or sometimes anger. That is to say, when I want to vent, I will, but…

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    Today’s moment of cute

    Say hello to Chester Buko. A rabbit that is smart, stubborn and *almost* as much of a greedy eater as my old rabbit Eho. He makes my day. He is always quiet. He loves carrots and bananas, and likes his apple wood chews. He likes plopping down under the desk when he’s out of his cage. And he lives in a pink cage because he is gender comfortable in any color. That is your moment of cute for the day. If those eyes don’t make you melt, I don’t know what will.  

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    Hello, 2015

    1-1-2015. Today, like all January firsts of our lives, are when we feel most hopeful. It feels like a clean start, like the date changing is an opportunity to change and be better. I am sure the resolutions will be quiet but worked on for at least the first couple of weeks. Fitness, career and personal goals will be defined. People will be generally “more” on all aspects (Insert holiday weight joke here). I have to admit I do feel that this time of the year, and somehow, like 90% of people, I tend to sit back and not work at what I want as much by the time February…