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To agreeing to forever

One of my oldest friends got married last Saturday. I’ve known her since I can remember. From running around and playing patintero, to having sleepovers at my place, to running to Hotel Intercontinental having a fancy slumber party with our friends right before we graduated college, Pau has been there all my life. We don’t spend every day together, we don’t even see each other more than twice a year sometimes, but I’ve seen her grow up to be a good woman, a doctor, even.

To committing to one anotherI remember being in a jeep together one time. She was talking about her now husband. That he was her best friend, that there was something there, but it wasn’t quite happening yet. And last Saturday, her ex-best friend turned into her now partner for life. There’s something amazing to me about this story. To start off as friends and go through all these things together, and even if tough times are to be had, you’ve gone through enough to know that you’re going to see each other through it.

I’ve seen and heard about enough breakups, the reasons behind them, the crazy circumstance. Too many people are taking back their vows, or completely getting rid of the promise and just chucking forever.

To actually see the beginning of a life together still gets me. It’s crazy, isn’t it? Agreeing to live with someone for the rest of your life, to knowing that you’ll keep having the same disagreements about petty things, or have massive fights about life changing decisions. You commit to God, and the law, all that in a day. In front of people you love and respect. I get why some people want the big wedding. To share it with as much people as you can, declaring your love to as much witnesses as possible, because your love is JUST THAT BIG. You can’t contain it.

Her wedding was, for me, fit. It wasn’t crazy big. It was formal, yes, but had a touch of goofy to not make it stiff. Food was delicious. We were never hungry or thirsty. The music was covered by the Project 6 Elohist choir and  a string band with two vocalists for the duration of the program. Coordinators were efficient and nice to the suppliers. People looked like they were having fun. I stuffed myself (and had a beer) to a food coma. Photos and SDE were gorgeous. Her gown was perfect. His barong was different enough from the rest of the men to be distinctive but not strange. Almost everyone followed the dress code. Invitations covered any kind of question people could have had.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not a review on her wedding, but rather praise on what they accomplished as a couple. How they really gave all they could to make sure their guests had fun, without completely removing their personalities to do it. I am grateful to have witnessed this union, and look forward to being in their lives for their marriage.

To say I still believe in forever is an understatement. If anything, I’m a bigger fan than ever.


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