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Life is short, week 11 of 52

Status report: Maybe I’m giving myself migraines with my stupidity.

1. Tamales week. Lame but I cannot for the life of me find corn husks to make this at home. So every time my favorite Mexican place has them, I have to order. So it’s been 2 dozen tamales over (less than) a week.

2. Seeing friends succeed. Towards the end of the week, we passed by our friend Cherry’s new cafe. I remember her starting this business years ago from home. She was juggling a full time job, two kids, and two new businesses. She pivoted with the pandemic and have now built a brick and mortar store. She is talented, hardworking, creative, and most importantly, a fucking great person and I can’t be any prouder. If you want an amazing spread at your next event, definitely book her. Also she’s gorgeous and a joy to be around. Just saying. Her business is The Table Spread Co.

3. Getting (a smidge) dressed up. After a rough week, I knew I had a few social things lined up. I wanted to really change things up for a sec, and got almost a disturbing amount of compliments from my friends. Even better, I got hugged. I didn’t have much sleep and my voice had already cycled to its exhausted version on the way there, but it was worth it.

4. New (old) restaurant discovery. Provenciano in Maginhawa for mom’s birthday. First time in an actual restaurant with the family in two years. I’ve wanted to try Provenciano longer than that, but have never found good timing or decent parking. Even better, family was happy. We were so new food giddy. Amazingly good.

Song of the week: Happier than Ever by Astn

What were your life is short moments this week?


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