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Nerds are <3.


I remember a professor said in a conference I attended lately, that the geeks are taking/will take over the world.

Can us nerds/dorks rule with them?

Yes I am a self-proclaimed nerd.

But perhaps I’m more of a dork. I possess the coordination of one (or lack thereof).

And how cool am I, bringing a box to Central while the others were knocking back beers and smoking.

There I was sipping on my coke and tapping out Nerds.


A realistic optimist just trying to find her way.


  • Riz

    Professor Lim! I think i fell in love with him when he said geeks are gona rule the world! Also, i remember feeling a little bit more grownup when i learned from you guys that nerds are simply flavor-coated sugar bits. :p

  • jody

    I know! He was such a magnetic speaker, that i wanted to study at AIM just to know him better. 🙂

    It’s how i eat nerds, bite off the coating, then eat the sugar.

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